Installing IceCast audio web server.

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Installing IceCast audio web server.


Icecast is a audio stream server.

It can deal Opus files encapsulated in Ogg format.

Opus files can be encoded for voip (voice over ip) or for web-radios (sound
over ip).

To communicate with IceCast, libshout and his fpc header will be used. 

Today we will install and test the server on Unix 64 bit systems.

1) Installing IceCast +

- Linux :
  # sudo apt-get install icecast2
  # sudo apt-get install libshout3

- FreeBSD :
  # sudo pkg install icecast2
  # sudo pkg install shout

2) Downloading libshout fpc header + demo from here:
   Uncompress it somewhere.

3) Testing the audio server on localhost:

# cd /directory/of/shout_demo

# sudo uos_icecast2 start // for linux

# sudo uos_icecast2_freebsd start // for freebsd

If connection is ok, you may check it that way:

In your favorite web-browser, enter as url: http://localhost:8000

Enter login: admin
         password: hackme

This should load the IceCast Status page.

Now run the fpc demo opus_shout_demo.pas to assign a mount-point on the
   # cd /directory/of/shout_demo
   # fpc opus_shout_demo.pas
   # ./opus_shout_demo

If all ok, in the IceCast Status web-page, after refresh, a new mount-point
will be added.

Congratulations, your IceCast server is working and you have assigned your
first mount-point.